Well Prepared Project Working Group

Many problems encountered by Contractors in the execution of Contracts of Works relate to the overall environment of the Contract, i.e. the conditions governing its preparation and execution.

CICA takes the view that better project quality could be achieved through better project preparation and better definition of all stakeholders' duties and responsibilities.

A CICA “Well Prepared Project” (WPP) Working Group*, chaired by Michel DEMARRE, President of the European International Contractors (EIC), addresses the problems raised.

Its Main objectives are the following:

  • Good tender documents to minimize causes for claims, corruption &/or poor quality
  • Avoid tight and/or unrealistic budgets
  • Definition of clear responsibilities (client, supervising consultant, donor, contractor)

The CICA “Well Prepared Project” (WPP) Working Group is integrated by Experts from Contractors, Consultant Engineers, Employers and Development Banks. Its goal, at least, is to edit a practical check list of issues and related recommendations in order to minimized the problems during Contracts’ life.

*Working Documents of this Working Group are in the area reserved to Members in the category "Working Documents per Topic".


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