PPP Working Group

Infrastructures are a key component to development and growth. Besides, private participation for infrastructure projects has skyrocketed since 1990.

Although these contractual arrangements appear rather efficient, they raise a certain number of difficulties all along the sequence of the contracts: from gestation, to the birth, and then the life of the contract. (preparation, procurement and award,construction and operation)

A CICA Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Working Group* started its works in June 2009, with the following key concepts:

  • Driving element: the economy of the Project (including a financial model)
  • 3 parties must be equally beneficiaries: public authorities, private operators and users.

CICA PPP WG proposes definitions of PPPs and a typology of contracts, and identifies 3 major possible origins of PPPs failures and the related solutions based on lessons learned as for: the choice of the project, the kind of procurement, the way the contract is managed.

The objective of the CICA PPP WG is to propose a PPP handbook.

In order to avoid overlapping and increase its efficiency, CICA PPP WG brings together Experts representatives of a number of PPP Working Groups (such as EIC/FIEC, International Bar Association, etc) in addition to its own Experts.

The CICA PPP WG is composed, up to now, of the following Experts:

  • Vincent PIRON (France), Business Development Director VINCI Concessions – Team Leader of the CICA PPP WG
  • Enrique FUENTES (Spain), Market Analysis and Development Director, FERROVIAL, Chairman of the European International Contractors (EIC) PPP Working Group
  • Roger FISZELSON (France), Delegate General CEI/SEFI/FNTP & Member of EIC PPP WG
  • Marc FRILET (France), Avocat – Chair of the PPP Task Force of the International Bar Association and Chair of the PPP Task Force of the French Institute of International Legal Experts (IFEJI)
  • Eng. Fernando LAGO (Argentina), Manager of Civil Works of CCI Construcciones SA – Director Strategic Planification Area, Argentine Chamber of Construction and Representative of Inter-American Federation of the Construction Industry (FIIC)

  • MAC Chung Jin (Malaysia), Director Business Development, Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd
  • Joe WINGERTER (USA), Major Project Development Manager, Kiewit Corporation

  • Julie de BRUX (France), Researcher, Applied Economics to PPPs, IAE Paris – University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

*Working Documents of this Working Group are in the area reserved to Members in the category "Working Documents per Topic".


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