Legal Working Group

Among others, last tasks of the CICA Legal Working Group* have included the participation of the revision process of the Multilateral Development Banks’ Guidelines and Standard Bidding Documents for Procurement of Works.

The next task of CICA Legal Working Group is to work on important issues, such as the revision of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods, Constructions and Services, as well as the revision of the WTO Agreement on Procurement Agreement (GPA).

The CICA Legal Working Group is composed, up to now, of the following Experts:

-       Mr. Lionel Eschenbenner, Finance & Contracts Director, SOGEA-SATOM (Team Leader)

-       Ms. Francine GURRAL, International Legal Counsel, SADE

-       Mr. Roger FISZELSON,

-       Mr. Marc FRILET, Construction Lawyer - IFEJI Secretary General - Member of the International Bar Association

*Working Documents of this Working Group are in the area reserved to Members in the category "Working Documents per Topic".


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